Recently, a friend of mine forwarded me an online contest about becoming a “Snowmama”. She mentioned that this group was “perfect” for me and that I should apply. Little did I know that just by applying to become a Snowmama would enter me into a social network of skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts that have now become my friends! I couldn’t help but feature this group on our site because it’s what every parent, uncle, aunt or grandparent needs when planning a family ski trip. They take care of you when it comes to what to pack, how to navigate through the ordeal of renting ski equipment, all the way to picking the right ski / snowboard school for your child (and yourself for that matter!).

For families making destination ski trips, it is often more important to know where the closest supply of diapers is as to know how many four-star restaurants there are in town. There are plenty of stories out there of couples who gave up their annual winter trips once children entered the picture. The 12 women, and one man, of Snowmamas hope to embolden parents to make those ski destination trips with tips, advice and support.

VIDEO: April Simpson interviews and skis with the newest (and only) male member of the group: Jeff Tuberville.

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