When you hear the new United CEO speak he talks about “operational issues,” and improving metrics like on-time performance. Here is our list of what needs to be done:

They love to fly - they just don't like taking care of passengers

They love to fly – they just don’t like taking care of passengers

More legroom

If you want to be competitive then you want a loyal base. A loyal base is more than a frequent flyer – a loyal base is someone who gets value. Value is a comfortable seat with legroom.

Real Business and First Class

If you had a choice on an international flight you would not take First Class with United. Other airlines have far more comfortable and better first class. What United Offers is a bad business class.

Real Response Social Media

The joke about the breaking the guitar on YouTube was more than a funny video. It was a sad story about how United did not respond to someone about their luggage. Response on social media from Alaska Airlines, Delta, and American are legendary.  Equally true are the lack of response from social media on United. Fast response is better value – United’s social media department appears to be an afterthought.

Public Officials Are Not As Important As Flying Public

The previous CEO should have lost his job not because of the allegation of impropriety to a public official. The previous CEO should have lost his job because the flying public looks upon United as a necessary evil – with bad service, little legroom, and no customer service. Change that and United will have a public that will love them – see what happens with JetBlue and Southwest Airlines.