Not that it is difficult to find a place to stay in Hawaii – because almost anywhere you stay will have access to a beach, be close to golf, and have some good restaurants – which Kahala has and more.

The check in was flawless, with plenty of bellmen to get you welcomed with the appropriate lay, and to the open air lobby. The receptionist are engaging,

JJ Lay

While most resorts in Hawaii greet with the traditional lei – the entire welcome was a prediction of great service throughout the stay.

helpful, and always smiling. If I lived in Hawaii I am convinced I would always be smiling. Being greeted at a hotel sets a stage for the service, a preview of what you will have during your stay. The staff was warm, friendly, and helpful and the welcome reminded me of how the Four Seasons greets us.

One never goes to Hawaii with the idea of staying in the room. The room is a place to get some rest. The room was modern, and when I first looked at the desk was disappointed that I didn’t see enough electrical outlets for the many iphones, ipads, computers, and assorted electronics that make up our travel gear. In the old days a person didn’t bring a phone on vacation, they brought a camera, that had a battery that you didn’t plug in. But today’s travel means electronics, and our electronic leashes require electricity. Upon opening the drawer of the desk, nicely hidden, were a number of electrical outlets. The hotel remembered, but they put them away so when you went into the room you were not reminded of your electronic masters, instead you simply had to see a beautiful room.


The room looked out on a 26,00 lagoon which had six dolphins there for both scientific study supported, in part, by those of us who want a chance to get into the water with these creatures.  Even if you don’t wish to be a part of Dolphin quest, watching them perform or just play is free, and entertaining. When our son would get up in the morning he would look out the hotel window at the dolphins, point and smile saying, “Daddy, look. Dolphins.”  The hotel surrounds the lagoon, allowing most rooms to look out over not only the dolphins but many of the other beautiful creatures of the lagoon.

The adjacent golf course where the PGA plays one of its signature events is private, but quite flat and uninteresting. It is just a short ride to the Royal Hawaiian golf course, where I experienced “jungle golf” – a lovely course that is in the middle of a volcanic crater.  Tough to figure out the wind, because it comes through the opening of the crater and then hits the wall and changes direction. Part of the game.

This is one place in Hawaii that we will enjoy coming back to: friendly, secluded and yet close to the city, relaxing, and with plenty of things to do .

Kahala lagoon

Many rooms look over the 26,000 foot lagoon

Beaches in Hawaii are 100% public, and the resort is on a beach that is not easily accessible by anyone who isn’t a guest, so it is like having your own private beach resort. The beautiful sand and warm water is protected by an outer reef. So it provides a great place and a safe place to play for adults and for children.

JJ on the beach

Inspecting a beach that he thinks is there just for him, JJ enjoys the warm weather of our 50th state.

JJ and his mom, enjoying a bit of paddle boarding in the protected beach

JJ looking at the Stingrays

The many ponds with fish, turtles, and dolphins kept our son, and us, happy for hours

JJ and Mom Pool

Tossing JJ in one of the many pools

JJ in the water Kahala

Enjoying the protected water by the Kahala resort

JJ Sand castle

Our son’s first sand castles. We will be coming back here- and seeing how his sand architecture changes