JJ Travels

Our Son JJ — always ready to go on the next adventure

Dear JJ,

Today you and your mom come back from Canada- your last trip on a lap. The good news is that you are coming home- and I’m excited to see you and your mom.  Whenever you are away it is always wonderful to have you come home.  The bad news is that when you turn two on Friday the airlines will want you to have your own seat.

We have been lucky, only a few times have we had to pay a bit for you to travel with us, but now you will be getting your own seat – and the hardest part of that isn’t the airfare, its that you are getting older.

When traveling with an infant, if you can upgrade you will be a lot more comfortable

As you can see, you have traveled over 93,000 miles by air.  You’ve been on three continents: Europe, Asia, and North America, and in six countries: USA, Mexico, Canada, China, England, and France.

So here are a few photos of your travels around the world – starting with your first trip at age six weeks when you flew to Oregon to meet your Grandma and Grandpa.

You have always enjoyed flying – and one of your first words was “jet.” So, son, as we start the “two’s” with your own airline seat — here is to our next adventure, whatever place it may be.  Before I met your mom I always liked to travel alone — now the only way to travel is with family!



His first trip, at six weeks, was to see his grandparents. Who, in their 80’s finally had a grandchild

JJ’s first birthday was on the road- one year ago, at the family cottage in Cobourg, Ontario

Even though his grandmother is nearly blind, she still knew how to hold and comfort her grandson

Two weeks after his first trip JJ went to Ohio/Kentucky where he joined his grandfather at a WW 2 reunion of the 44th

TSA then started to require a boarding pass for the infant. At least they stopped asking him to take off his shoes!

From the suite at the Captain Cook Hotel in Anchorage, Alaska

We would go back to see the grandparents often

If you have an infant, you will soon realize the real reason that hotels have ice

JJ loves looking out the window of planes. As he grew we no longer had to hold him up-

We made our first trip with JJ’s grandmother, who we call Gigi. Having the adult was not to help with JJ, it was to help with his parents!

It was on a trip to Cabo that we discovered JJ loves water

Sometimes at hotels we do things just to entertain JJ- but mostly we do it because we love to hear him laugh. Laughter on trips is the key

JJ is wondering what I am doing in his seat

In Park City- seeing his first snow

A busy day is what leads to a long sleep on a trip

Loving the beach life in Cabo

Window seats are always a good distraction for kids

JJ loves to help us pack.

Always carry a bathing suit with you that has UV protection, never know when you will find a water park to play in

My hometown of Ketchikan, Alaska. Here JJ is approaching it by ship

Whale watching leads to my son’s favorite song “Got a whale of a tale to tell you lads.”

As we return to Alaska, you can see JJ is getting taller

FAO Schwartz has nothing on the real thing- a grizzly

Flying with his grandmother- JJ still likes the window seat

In China JJ was enjoying the scenes

JJ’s grandfather pointing out the interesting sites in China

With a couple of days notice, my dad said he was going to the D-Day reunion – so off to Europe we go. British Airways is amazing with children

Sitting in Seat 1A on British Airways- JJ appears to approve

Its England- I have to have a pint with my dad

JJ sees the “cheers” and decides to do the same with his mom

On a trip to Atlanta JJ finally found a dog he could walk

Family is important – here JJ is being taken for a walk with his favorite Aunt and Uncle

At the cottage in Canada, my son patiently waiting for his favorite dish- Grandpa’s oatmeal, which he calls “Mealoat”