The newest MVP member for Alaska Airlines

The newest MVP member for Alaska Airlines

Sometimes an airline does a remarkable thing.

Two times in the last month I have had late or tight connections. I tweeted @AlaskaAir and they said they would “take care of me.” When the plane arrived both times it docked next to the plane I had to make the connection. Coincidence?

It is hard to know who is answering the tweets, or what they can or cannot do. But one thing is certain – Alaska Airlines does so many things well that I have to list them:

  • Very responsive¬†social media on twitter. Not just for the flying public, but they have a great interest in all things Seattle, Alaska, and re-tweet good information.
  • Great lounges in the airports (my favorite are Anchorage, Seattle, and Portland)
  • Easy to use points
  • Almost immediate upgrades if you are MVP or MVP gold.

Tips for Flying Alaska Airlines:

Never their bulkheads. Use to be my favorite seats but many of the modern planes have decreased the legroom for it.

Bring your own blanket and pillow: they no longer supply them.

The food is ok. Compared to most other airlines, they are my favorite food in the sky.

While my son has over 210,000 flying miles at age 5  years old, he is now an Alaska Airlines MVP member. Pretty cool for a five year old.