Simon Majumdar – having caught the silver salmons takes them to his cleaning table – they are cleaned by the Inlet to keep the smell of the fish away from the camp

It is the most exclusive and private lodge in North America. You cannot buy your way into it, you cannot even find it if you try to wander to it – and if you do, more than likely a grizzly bear will chase you off, if Bill doesn’t with a shotgun.


There are many lodges, fishing camps in Alaska – but none has been more visited by an impressive array of people than Silver Salmon. There is a lodge a mile down the way called “Silver Salmon Lodge” but that is not the famous, storied lodge that doesn’t have a listing, and is only known by those who work on behalf of non-profit Foundations for Alaskans. No one is charged for coming here, no one is ever asked for a favor for coming here, and most have no idea that this is a measure of appreciation of the work these people have done for Alaskans.Senators have been here, famous businessmen, Cabinet secretaries. The list of people who are invited would be impressive, if that were to be made public – but there is one way to get here, be invited. And if you are invited you will be treated to the best of Alaska, great fishing, seeing bears uncomfortably close. Chances are you will never have been in more “rustic-comfortable” surroundings – and never will you smile more.

Simon Majumdar was invited, you may know him as one of the judges in FoodNetwork’s “Next Iron Chef,” as well as “Cutthroat Kitchen.”

Simon Majumdar and April Simpson

Showing an outward confidence, they were told as they were getting on the plane that they would be landing on the beach


Silver Salmon

Surrounded by National Parks, this small bit of land was carved out among the most beautiful settings in Alaska

The lodge has undergone some transformation in the last few years – the outhouse replaced by flush toilets, good hot showers, a sauna, and yet people don’t seem to care (not that one minds such amenities) but it is the raw beauty, abundant fishing, famous Alaskan hospitality, and a lot of bears.

Grizzly of Silver Salmon

This large bear, probably over 800 pounds, waiting at the mouth of the river for the Silver Salmon to come in at high tide

Walking along can be an adventure – the bears can be resting in the tall grass and you can startle them easily.


A small 300 pound bear was surprised by us as we walked on the trail – while a small bear, he could still easily harm us- thankfully he was as startled as we were and ran along

The fishing is legendary, and Simon caught two large Silver salmon (coho) – and thereafter was named Simon the Salmon Slayer

Simon and Apes fishing

Getting ready to fish

But the treat to the guests was Simon in the kitchen, he is not only a judge of the world’s greatest chef’s but cooks at a high level – and all got to enjoy his cooking. The food, the recipes – well, you might have to wait for Simon’s book to come out for that.

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