Every now and then you get that perfect moment- the water stirs, you know the whale is close, then the birds fly and the Humpback whale emerges

The Humpback was hunted almost to extinction, and sighting them is rare


This massive whale feeds on small fish, plankton, and weighs nearly 50 tons

We wait for the tail

Sometimes toddlers need their rest, and the ships provide a great place for them to rest

Our trip included a lunch at Fox Island, the island made famous from Rockwell Kent

For many going to Alaska means a trip of a lifetime. It means seeing animals that you will never see, that you have only read about. Many take the cruise through the inside passage, but if you want to really see marine life, a four hour tour from Kenai Fjords will do it. ¬†Operating out of Seward Alaska, ¬†Kenai Fjord is owned by Alaska Natives, the people who first came across the ice bridge 10,000 years ago- they know Alaska, and their tours will take you to the places that have been their secrets for years. Visiting Alaska is an industry these days. Some companies, like Princess Lines, will keep you on their ship, bus you to their hotels, and show you Alaska in one nice package. But Kenai Fjord Tours isn’t a package tour- it is Alaska.

While there are a number of things one could say about this tour – and the people who run it- it is best to simply let the photographs do the talking. These photos were but a few we took from our four hour tour of Resurrection Bay. Resurrection Bay, the place where Rockwell Kent came for inspiration- and if you go there, you will be inspired.


Be it the birds of the North- such as my favorites- the Puffins

I love the Puffin- it is our version of the Parrot – but more fun

Stellar Sea Lions- an endangered species – but another find on the tour

Nothing like the mighty Orca – Killer Whale – fishing for salmon

The Sea Otter, once almost extinct, greet us with a smile

They look right at you, while enjoying some fresh crab

This was the place that inspired artist Rockwell Kent

A spectacular Fjord – an amazing journey

The beauty seen from Fox Island was inspiring. Although Rockwell Kent didn’t have ProducerGirl to inspire him