The smallest hotel in the Best Western universe is Grandma’s Feather Bed in Juneau, Alaska. But it is one of the nicer hotels we have stayed in.

Originally built as a restaurant to service airline pilots that stayed at the other Best Western, the restaurant was converted to a small hotel, almost a B and B. Each room is unique- with an emphasis on being home, with a comfortable bed, bedding, and a whirlpool in the room!

The hotel is located two minutes from the Juneau airport, and close to the Alaska Marine Highway – ferry terminal. Which means after a long trip, you will be in your hotel in a second, and able to enjoy a comfortable bath in a very large tub! We had arrived after an 18 hour trip from Ketchikan, and the bathtub was a perfect way to relax. Since the Juneau Airport is only a few minutes away, and the security line typically doesn’t open up until an hour before the flights- it is a great place to stay for that early trip out.

Juneau has a lot to see, and the downtown is ten miles away. You have several choices – the courtesy shuttle that runs until 7 pm, a taxi, or some might rent a car or a bike. We chose the shuttle- and the driver is helpful about what sites you might wish to see, or even restaurants you might want to go to.

Breakfast is included with the room- but not a typical buffet style breakfast- this is a made to order, high value, delicious meal for you and your family.

Grandma’s Kitchen has the unique ability to combine luxury and value- combined with a comfortable room, great bed, perfect location for the traveler.