Our room over looked the pool area – which over looked Puget Sound

Paying attention to detail, executing service, all to provide an experience to the traveler that they won’t forget. It must be a motto of the Four Seasons because every one of their hotels continue to practice this, no matter where the location.

Project Seattle:

When traveling with a child you always want to them to feel a part of the experience. Walking into the hotel lobby to check in our son, JJ, was recognized immediately. Walking to the counter they had our reservation ready – because as soon as someone in the hotel lobby said “JJ” they pulled us up immediately.

Hotel coffee- now this is what you want to see. Two types of coffee, a grinder, a French Press, a kettle. Attention to detail is what sets Four Seasons apart

Walking in the room there was plenty of things to see but the first thing I saw was the coffee grinder, a bag of local coffee beans, some ground Peet’s coffee, as well as a French Press and electric tea kettle. Coffee is important to me- and lately we travel to hotels with an Aeropress, a kettle, a grinder, and beans. This trip I didn’t bring a grinder or beans – it is Seattle, and it would be easy to purchase some ground coffee for a few days. How did the hotel know?

But walking further into the room was an easel with paper set up by the window for JJ to draw.

What a treat to have in our room as we arrived! We had a lot of fun drawing what we saw outside our window!

Not to mention a new stuffed animal, a robe with his name on it, and a bathroom filled with washable crayons for the bathtub.

The TV behind the bathroom mirror captivated JJ! He thought it was “magic”!

I was also impressed by the small stool placed below the sink so JJ could reach the faucets and wash his hands.

A few hours later, ordering some milk for JJ, Room Service asked if there was a refrigerator in the room. I said the minibar had one and we could make room. “No sir, that might not work, as it wouldn’t be cold enough. We will send you up a refrigerator for your room.” Before the milk arrived the hotel staff set up a small refrigerator that was placed in an unused corner. JJ’s milk was kept cold and fresh for his visit.

The Hotel:

The Pacific Northwest has its own style of art – that takes its roots from the maritime Native Americans to the glass of Chihuly. The hotel is designed around the light wood of the area, with the perfect blend of local art. Across from the Seattle Art Museum – the hotel itself is a study in the chimera of art that has become Seattle. Beautiful, unique, and bold.

Overlooking Puget Sound, the hotel sits two short blocks from Pike’s Public Market, but has much better views.

Stunning scene outside our window!

Things to do:

While I was visiting Seattle on some business, my wife and JJ had some time to experience the city.  Seattle is a great place for families with children of all ages. Besides a trip to the Space Needle, which is a short mono-rail away, from the hotel you can walk across the street to the Seattle Great Ferris Wheel to get a full view of the Seattle land and seascape. We had a blast enjoying the ride as well as the seeing the skyline from a whole new view.

JJ enjoying his very first “big Ferris Wheel” ride.


Along the same boardwalk is the Seattle Aquarium – packed full with hands on experiences – nothing like a child touching an anemone and star fish.  The Seattle Aquarium provides fun and exciting ways to see, touch and explore the underwater world of the northwest and beyond. With a wide range of colorful sea creatures in award-winning exhibits, touch pools, and trained naturalists, the Aquarium continues its mission of inspiring conservation of the marine environment.

JJ enjoying the very hands on exhibit at the Seattle Aquarium (a few steps away from the hotel).


Another museum that’s just across the street from the hotel is the famous Seattle Art Museum. It offers a rich mix of special exhibits, galleries, family programs, films, lectures, tours, and performances. There are special designated interactive areas for families with small children, which of course is a relief for parents in search of culture and creativity.

You’re never too young to appreciate art of any shape, size or color. JJ at the Seattle Art Museum.


My wife loves exploring and with a very busy 4 year old she decided to head over to the space needle where you can find the Experience Music Project Museum. Seattle’s well-known penchant for innovation extends beyond the world of software, coffee, airplanes and online shopping. It covers some serious American popular culture, ranging from music to sci-fi. The Frank Gehry-designed EMP Museum is one of a kind. It offers 140,000 square feet of interactive exhibits, pop culture, live music venues and more.  Unlike most places, this museum prides itself on giving it’s participants a full hands on experience with instruments, video and recording. Our son had an absolute blast trying out all the different guitars, drums and pianos. I have to say even mom got into it by getting to record some music with him.

JJ rocking out at the Experience Music Project Museum – for all ages, parents and kids alike!


Finally after a busy day, we received a very special invitation under our door at our room! JJ was thrilled when he was able to go into the “big kitchen!” and learn how they make Cotton Candy. He was captivated by the very large sticky bin full of green cotton! It was his first time eating cotton candy too!

JJ and the Four Seasons Pastry Chef making Cotton Candy! What a treat for a 4 year old to experience!


But of course- for the foodie in you- from the hotel to Pike’s Market is about two blocks away. All the fresh food and vegetables and fruits you would could imagine. Want fresh salmon- the fish mongers will package it up and send it to your hotel so you can bring it on the plane with you. (Totally worth it!)

April enjoying shopping while JJ passed out after a very busy day.

Final Comment:

We have stayed in a number of hotels in and around the Seattle area.  Many of the hotels have done a great job of taking care of the three of us. Where this hotel is different is they go out of their way to make our child feel accepted, free to move and enjoy the stay as much as the adults. There is no doubt where we will be making our Seattle base- it will be the Four Seasons Seattle.