Video critique of the Bahia Hotel

San Diego is paradise on the continental United States, year around temperate climates, it is no wonder that this city has become a vacation destination.

A great view from the room

Mission Bay is north of the city, a series of bays protected by outer banks. This shelter provides waters to paddleboard, canoe, kayak, or just swim avoiding the rip tides of the Pacific.  The neighborhood is young, but not hip – with abundant places for liquor and tattoos.

In this beautiful spot sits the Bahai Resort. On the positive side The Bahai Resort sits adjacent to the Santa Barbara lagoon – with outstanding water sports, and a room that walked onto its own private beach. The suite came with a small kitchen, allowing meals to be easily prepared. The kitchen was clean. The room was spacious, about 450 square feet.  The room overlooked the beach with a beautiful view.

Great Watersports

On the negative side the room had not undergone a “deep cleaning” that a Hyatt or Marriott resort would do as a matter of course.  Such hotel chains demand deep cleaning (rooms are shut down and deep cleaned every other month). This hotel had not been deep cleaned, nor had the cleaning staff done a decent job. This is particularly noticeable because the décor of the Bahai has not been changed in years – the carpet is old and stained and the couch needs to apply for superfund toxic waste status.  Having an old décor, especially in a hotel that is remodeling, is acceptable- but neglecting deep cleaning, or even a good cleaning,  is not.   From other reviews of the Bahai- the same issue- the new rooms are nice, the old rooms are not deep cleaned.  It should concern even patrons of the new rooms, if the hotel does not perform deep cleaning in older rooms it is unlikely they do of the new rooms, hence these rooms could be hazardous to your health. Having stayed in many hotels that are old, with faded elegance- but clean- the Bahai needs to be shut down, cleaned completely, and given a new coat of paint.

The kitchen was clean.

Adding insult to injury- the Bahai charges outrageous rates, will nickel-and-dime customers for bottled water, overly expensive cable television, and pool towels.  When you other compare hotels at this price point, those hotels  will offer a comfortable bed, with 300 count sheets (The Bahai has a very hard mattress that will not suffice for 90 % of the population) and the thread count of the sheets and towels at The Bahai is in the 150 count range (what one would expect from a hotel charging less than $100 per night). While there is a coffee pot in the room, with some coffee service- that is more akin to what would expect from a Motel 6, and not a hotel in this price point. Few electrical outlets means difficult with the traveler who is connected (read everyone who has cell phones, ipads, laptops). The bathrooms are small, with a single sink (most suites have larger bathrooms with two sinks)- and a shower that is quite small.

The Bahai hotel could not get one-tenth its rate if it were not by the beach.