We’ve stayed in many hotels in downtown Anchorage, but the one we keep coming back to is the Hotel Captain Cook.  Located in downtown Anchorage, this locally owned hotel has great views, close to hiking trails, and is close to the great restaurants in Anchorage. It is the luxury hotel in Anchorage.


You never know wh

You never know what you will find in the Hotel Captain Cook

We stay in either the “Captain’s Deck” or the “Crow’s Nest” for suites – but their junior suites are plenty large enough for you to enjoy the room. The Christopher Columbus Suite is also excellent.

The valet, concierge, front desk, and housekeeping staff have made us feel welcome.  What I appreciate is that even though I am only there six times a year, they always remember my name, they are always ready to help us – and our son, JJ is a regular and they have watched him grow from four months of age!  Room service here is amazing- often we arrive around 2 or 3 am and are hungry, and we always get a great late night meal with wine. If you call ahead of time, and let them know you are coming and have a bottle of wine you would like- they happily reserve it for you.


View from the Captain Cook. Morning in Anchorage

This was the first hotel that we decided to not bring our crib for our son. They supplied a great crib, high quality, complete with sheets and blankets for him.

We often valet park our car – the service is fast and helpful. If you balk at the price of a valet, you can always use the public lots that are across the street.  In the winter it is nice to get into a car where the ice is no longer on the windshield and the car is warm.


View from the Captain Cook in the winter. Valet for a car is a good idea

If you stay in the Captain’s Deck they have a concierge lounge where you can sit and enjoy a drink with friends, and they always have a great breakfast available. Often I will sneak down there and bring back the family some oatmeal in the morning (our son loves their oatmeal).

The hotel has several places to eat.  Try  the sourdough pancakes and the reindeer sausage in The Pantry – are amazing. Reindeer sausage may sound “interesting” but try them—it is not greasy, not gamy, and full of flavor. In the afternoon Fletcher’s is a great gastro-pub where you can enjoy a cocktail with friends, and a pizza. Perfect place on a winter day to stay in the hotel, but get some afternoon cheer. The Crow’s Nest is an Anchorage institution, a four-star restaurant with incredible views – a place you will not be disappointed.

On the down side- some feel the rooms are dated – although they seem to be constantly changing and updating the rooms (they have three towers).  They have air conditioning- but I prefer to open the window and let fresh Alaskan air inside. On the plus side, you can drink the water from out of the tap (something we can’t do in Arizona). If you ever have an issue with the room they are fast to fix the problem.

Christmas time at The Captain Cook is complete with a large gingerbread village. My son tried to eat part of it.  This is an amazing work of art.


Ginger bread village in the lobby of the Captain Cook

The shops in the hotel include Patagonia – which means if you arrived without proper attire for your Prince William Tour- you can get appropriate gear – and at a reasonable price.  The other independent store is Boreal Traditions—where you can purchase genuine Alaska Native Art. The downtown tourist area has plenty of fake Alaska Native art, so having a quality place where you can purchase these items is essential.


Ice from a glacier - Kenai Fjord Tours office just down the street from the hotel

Close to the hotel is a walking/jogging trail along the bay – you can rent bikes nearby and bicycle your way along the Knick arm.  There are over 270 miles of trails, some going through deeply wooded areas – and from these trails you will have great views of Mount McKinley, Mount Susitna, the Talkeetnas, and the Chugach range. Even if you just walk with the stroller this is a great system of trails. Resolution Park is at the end of 3rd Ave and L Street offers views of Knik Arm and Mt Susitna – there is a statue here of Captain Cook – (he was delicious).


Trails just a few blocks from The Captain Cook

Shopping is also close with a Nordstom’s in a mall within a mile.  This mall will provide you with all the classic mall shops

Ship Creek is also near by (3rd Ave and E Street).  It is here where you can catch salmon if they are running. Or, if you want to sit on an outdoor deck and enjoy a view of Mt. McKinley and Knick arm go down the street to the Snowgoose Restaurant, 717 N. 3rd Ave – where they brew their own beers.


The deck of the Snow Goose Restaurant and brewpub - 3 blocks from the Captain Cook

Our other three favorite Anchorage restaurants are all within walking distance: Corsair is across Fifth Avenue in the basement of the Rodeway Inn, Sack’s is a few blocks away, as is Marx Brother’s restaurants.

The Hotel Captain Cook is the luxury hotel in Anchorage. It offers first class service, and great luxury rooms.  Perfect location for anyone visiting Anchorage.


Middle tower of Captain Cook hotel in the background. Summer