Instead of renting cars in larger cities, it is easier to get a limo. Cost less per ride and you don’t have to take a shuttle to a car rental hub

Off Site Airport Car Rentals Takes Away a Hertz Advantage

While Seattle unveiled its new 400 million dollar off-site car rental hub to rave reviews, those of who are frequent travelers have to ask- now what is the advantage of the car company we use.

I’ve used Hertz for years- what I like is how convenient the company was- always paid for the prime real estate so when I walked out of baggage claim it was easy to find the company, my car was waiting, no mess and no fuss. I didn’t have to haul luggage up a bus, then go find a car. But now, more and more airports are sending the car companies off site – and, by the way, charging you a bit extra on the rental to pay for that shiny new building (in Seattle’s case $6, but a few others are charging more).

But with the parking off-site the higher price car rental companies have lost that prime real estate, and the extra premium on rental doesn’t seem so attractive . When going to San Diego recently I used Fox Rental and obtained a mini-van. Unlike the typical Hertz minivan this one was the most basic stripped down model. On the other hand it cost half as much as Hertz charged. On the return they noted a chip in the windshield and contacted my insurance company – a minor annoyance, but well covered by my auto insurance policy.

The off site car rental hubs add extra time to travel: do you drop everyone off with all the luggage, or does everyone stay together? Do you have a plan?

Changing Airports to Smaller Ones Makes Sense

It does change the airports we use: if we go to the Monterey area we make certain to go to that airport instead of going to San Jose and renting a car. If we go to Napa/Sonoma we go to Santa Rosa Airport. When going to Los Angeles, we go to Long Beach Airport. Smaller airports still have easy access to car rental, less congestion, and friendly service.

Taking a Limo Makes More

Something new to adjust to- but when going to many cities it is just as easy to take a cab or a limousine. The advantage of having a limo driver waiting for you is to help with luggage, save your back a bit, and the cars are clean and well taken care of. In many cities parking is a problem, and instead of worrying about paying for hotel parking, you can just take a cab or get a driver. If you find that you need a car to explore, many hotels have car rental agencies in the hotel, or can have a car delivered to the hotel for you. Now your luggage is safely at the hotel, and you just had your car delivered to the hotel.

JJ travels in the limo

Our son doesn’t like to lug around his things either – he prefers a fine car service.