In the world of airlines there is a no refund policy, or a change fee policy. Some of the fee changes are a lot, and some are minor. But what amazes me is how they simply don’t care.

In contrast to hotels, limo services, or rental cars – who have an easy refund policy- airlines go out of their way to make certain once they have your money, you will not be getting it back.

In my years as flying as a physician I have been asked to assist passengers over 20 times on an airplane. Twenty times I have attended to sick patients on a plane – most of them were not too sick, one was dead, and a couple were quite ill (and the closest airport happened to be the destination).

In that entire time, the flight attendants asked my name, got my frequent flier number and thanked me. It altered the way that I fly. I take some medical equipment with me, since the equipment that the airlines have is poor quality. I only have a half of an alcoholic beverage, and I have my business cards with me.

In that entire time not once has an airline sent me a note thanking me for helping their passenger. In that entire time not once has a passenger, who I give my cards to, followed up with me to tell me how they were doing – which I ask all of them to do (the dead one, I understand).

But then I have a 3 1/2 year old son, we are set to fly and he develops an earache. ¬†In one day he sees three doctors, ending with an ENT physician, who tell me that he shouldn’t fly.

What are the possibilities that I would get a refund with that ticket?

It makes you realize, if they want my business as a frequent flier, I will go out of my way to fly those airlines who take care of me (my son, has over 150,00o airline miles).  Perhaps I should pay extra for a refundable ticket, although it seems like a bit of a scam to pay so much extra to have the ability to have the ticket refunded.

So seriously airlines – as long as I am packing extra equipment in my carry-on, so when you call for a doctor – and I respond – maybe you should think about providing a bit better service to those of us who have faithfully flown and served you.


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