When you travel you need to bring your prescription medications in the original pharmacy container that has your name on it. Make certain the name on the container is the same name that is on your airline ticket.


Pills should be in their original bottles. Do not place in a pillbox

DO NOT – combine all of your medications in one bottle.

DO NOT – leave medications in a pillbox. Bring the pillbox, and when you arrive at your location you can place the medications in there. If the pills are left in a pillbox and you carry-on the medicine, they may be confiscated by TSA

Non-prescription medications to take with you:

Non-prescription medicines must be in their original container - less than 100 tabletsPorters can save your trip by saving your back

Non-prescription medications must also be in their original container. Do not carry -on large bottles of medications.  I carry-on Advil and Aspirin – but always in the 100 count pill form. You can pack large bottles of medicine.

Aspirin – If there is no contraindication take one (325 mg) the day of any trip to reduce the problems of blood clots. Aspirin is a great pain reliever, so it is always good to have it handy. This is something for the carry-on bag

Motrin (Ibuprofen) –Another non-steroidal drug which works well for back aches and muscle and joint pain. Also something for the carry-on bag

Pepto-Bismol – tablets (can be taken in carry on). Traveler’s diarrhea is a common complaint, and this is one of the medications that can help the symptoms. Always need this for carry-on

Loperamide – helps to relieve diarrhea. Usually pack this.

Ciprofloxacin – or a Z-pack .  Having an antibiotic available is helpful in case of traveler’s diarrhea or other infections that can occur. This is for packing

Pepcid Complete – a chewable tablet that has the ability to neutralize acid right away and medicine to decrease stomach acid for later. Pack this. If you get an upset stomach ask the flight attendant for some club soda.

Afrin 12 hour nasal spray  – four hour sprays cause rebound – this will keep you comfortable. Good for carry-on, especially if you get plugged up when the cabin of the plane is pressurized.

12 hour Wal-phed – for nasal decongestion. You have to ask the pharmacist for this, but you do not need a prescription. This will keep you decongested from a cold. If you have a cold and must travel- take one of these before you go and pack the rest.

Cough drops – if you get a cough- use some simple cough drops at first. Carry this on the plane

Hydrocortisone cream – if you get into something causing hives, always good to have this with you. Typically pack this.

Zyrtec – for the times when you are allergic to something in the air – like pollen, ragweed. Pack this in your suitcase.

If you get motion sick- consider a prescription for a scopolamine patch, or taking some Dramamine with you- whichever works. Carry this on.

DO NOT USE generic over the counter cold medicines – they often contain multiple medications that you may not use or need.

Don’t forget to take some band-aids with you.

Pre-pack your carry-on with a place that just has medications in it. Since these are small quantities (100 or less tablets) always leave these in that bag so when you travel you don’t have to think about it.

Special for kids

Always have children’s Tylenol and ora-gel in the diaper bag but in addition:

Pedialyte powder – kids get diarrhea more often than adults (they put everything in their mouth). Having the powder form of pedialyte allows them to get some re-hydration. It is also a good thing for adults and seniors!