Our love of the Four Seasons hotel group began with our son. Traveling with an infant was a challenge, not that he was difficult, but the fear.  The Four Seasons made traveling with JJ easy – and fun. Here are a few photos from our favorite moments with the Four Seasons and JJ:

His first Four Seasons was Four Seasons LA. On arriving – not only was the room ready for a 10 month old, they loved meeting and greeting him  – even the shower!


Four Seasons Hotel welcomes JJ

JJ loves Four Seasons Hotels

A happy baby – JJ at the Four Seasons Scottsdale, Arizona

JJ inspecting the lobby- no problems here he said

She had not seen JJ for several years -  Four Seasons LA -  JJ's first home away from home

She had not seen JJ for several years – Four Seasons LA – JJ’s first home away from home

Not to be outdone the Beverly Wilshire– another Four Seasons property in the heart of Beverly Hills – said, let us show you how we treat JJ. As soon as we pulled up in the car the doorman said, “Is that JJ?” For the entire stay the staff all knew who JJ was, and seemed to delight in greeting him.

Walking into the room – instead of the traditional crib- they had a tent – filled with toys for JJ.

A tent for our son- and all those stuffed animals came from staff at The Wilshire

Four Seasons Wilshire

Without asking, the rooms are “child proofed” and when you have a toddler, this is really appreciated.

Four Seasons Wilshire star

JJ’s first sunglasses from the Beverly Wilshire- our true star on Rodeo Drive.

Four Seasons Wilshire View

The view from Beverly Wilshire- a Four Seasons property

Four Seasons Beverly Hills Wadkins

We made some wonderful friends, here is Austin Watkins, then at Four Seasons Beverly Hills, now at Four Seasons Singapore.

The Four Seasons Hotels attract people who love people. Their philosophy of business reminds me of Chris Brogan’s advice:  “Be helpful, be human.” Austin Watkins became a good friend of ours in our trips to Los Angeles.

Mom and JJ hanging out at the Four Seasons on Halloween

Four Seasons shower

We were invited to the Halloween party at Four Seasons Beverly Hills, Austin asked if we would like a room to freshen up before heading back to Phoenix- on the shower door.

Four Seasons Scottsdale –  we go there a lot because our family (Kim and Bob Westfall) do a lot of events there. They work in the field of event planning with charitable organizations. It is at this Four Seasons that JJ first went into a pool. He has been there many times for events, dinners – and  we have only stayed there once (since we live down the road) – it is an amazing place to visit and see.

Four Seasons Scottsdale

JJ with his favorite Aunt and Uncle (Bob and Kim Westfall) at the Four Seasons Scottsdale

Ritz Carlton Chicago
It is run by the Four Seasons group, and is a favorite place for us to stay when we get to Chicago.

Four Seasons Chicago Ritz

View from the Ritz in Chicago

New York City

Going to New York meant a return to the Four Seasons New York. JJ had never been there- but upon entering you would think he owned the place. They have a “where is Maxine” contest going on, so when JJ came, he unwrapped Maxine- who spent the time JJ spent at Four Seasons New York with us.

Four Seasons New York

JJ opening a gift from Four Seasons New York – his new friend, Maxine wanted to surprise him

Four Seasons New York

Each water bottle with our twitter names and avatars – did Four Seasons know that my favorite water was Voss?

Four Seasons New York bathroom

Even thinking that a toddler might need a stepping stool for the bathroom – every detail considered and executed for the comfort of the guest

Four Seasons NY bathtub

Making the bath fun – a frog for the water spout- JJ couldn’t be happier taking a bath

JJ Four Seasons Hat

His favorite hat – from Four Seasons New York

Did you ever go to a friend’s house where everything was untouchable by your kid? Four Seasons isn’t that place. Not only are children welcomed, but loved, safe, and a delight. They are pretty good with dogs too!

Four Seasons Seattle

Our son has grown – his interests have changed – and everywhere he goes, it seems like Four Seasons is there.  They have watched him grow and watched him change. Some of the staff have moved to other Four Seasons hotels, and we find ourselves planning to go to those hotels just because they have become our family.



JJ has become the seasoned traveler – our should we say “Four Seasoned”


From the easel in the room, to the cookies, to the paints at the bathtub, the cookies, and of course – the robe. I think JJ has a lot of uncles and aunts and at The Four Seasons in Seattle they welcomed him well.

Special Mention:

So when we travel our first question about the destination is: “Is there a Four Seasons there?” Coming up in a few days – the mother ship, Four Seasons Toronto.  Then we have several on our bucketlist: Four Seasons London, Four Seasons San Francisco and Four Seasons Hong Kong – all hopefully coming soon – and when we do, we think JJ will approve!