Do you love a great cup of coffee or espresso? Did you ever notice that when it comes to hotel rooms there are two types of coffee available:

The hotel in-room coffee maker that is a stale version of a pod or K-cup (and in limited quantity)

Room Service Coffee which might run thirty bucks for a pot (taxes and tip included) – and the room service coffee is often not stellar.

The answer, bring your own machine. And for that we look at two great machines currently available:

An easy coffee maker that provides a French Press taste with less time

Check out how simple it is from Wired Magazine:

The coffee made with the machine is less bitter, although some felt is was a bit more acidic. Reviews of this machine are often five stars out of five- with most people loving this machine well over a French Press. You need to grind the coffee to a medium, not a fine grind. Inexpensive, easy to use- portable – what is not to like.

Then you can get a bit more fancy:

This makes a 16 bar cup of espresso – and it is so high tech it is hard to avoid

So of course, you have to see the video:

Now those are great machines- and you can take either to a hotel – all you need is a source of hot water. The reviews on the handpresso are overall positive although one machine is better for a cup of coffee and the other for espresso.


But while researching these here was a cool one for home:

The first two come with portable packs making them easy to take travel with:

This makes an easy travel kit for the hotel room.

Winner- Aeropress

We purchased the AeroPress, with an easy travel bag. Ultimately our travel kit contains a tea kettle, coffee beans, and a portable bean grinder. The coffee- perfection. Now it is a part of our travel wherever we go, so we will never be disappointed with coffee, and will always be able to start our day out with the best cup of coffee.

Thus far we have made coffee with it at Shutters in Santa Monica, The Savoy in London, Mount Juliet in Ireland, and it is far better coffee than we could have obtained from the hotel.

Is it worth bringing an AeroPress, beans, a grinder, and a kettle? Yes- because when the day on the road starts, you want to start with a great cup of coffee.