Start your packing a few days before your trip- and have your checklist ready. As you think of things you need write them on the list and pack them.

Ziploc bags are the best – roll the baby outfits up and place into a ziploc bag so they are easy to get to. Ziploc come in large sizes so you can have daily outfits in them. When they are dirty- roll them up into a separate zip lock bag (put on the other side of the suitcase). Roll the dirty ones as you use them so they are already packed when you check out – you will have enough to try to get together.

Ziploc bags come in all sizes. Perfect to keep your baby's clothes together

(a) If your baby is eating solid food then bring some of your favorite plastic spoons and a bowl. If you use a breast pump- don’t forget that and all the gear that goes with it.

(b) Two outfits per day you are on the trip (don’t forget socks)

(c) Cribs/playpen – we go back and forth on this one. Great hotels will have great cribs for the baby and they will baby-proof the room. So call ahead of time and see if they do this. If not, we like the pack-n-play – it is easy to check and serves as both a crib and a playpen

(d) Blankets – Bring a few. Some for outside to put on grass, some for sleeping. If you nurse then you will need one.

(e) Two books (you need to read to your baby)

(f) Baby toys- consider the toys will be lost. Assume you will leave this toy in the hotel so have a replacement if it is their favorite.

(g) Inflatable baby bathtub – especially if they are small, or you don’t know about the hotel’s sinks.

(h) Collapsible stroller- one that can be gate checked easily. Some use an umbrella stroller. If the child is young you can use the car seat with a snap-n-go and gate check both.

A good stroller and a sun hat are essentials for your trip

(i) Car seat – you will want your own. You can rent on the other side, but typically they charge a lot more than you will want to pay for. Check out traveling car seats. If you have a snap-and-go cart these can be gate checked. Otherwise, we check these like luggage. As the child gets older and has their own seat, the car seat comes on the airplane

(j) Washable bibs

(k) Sun hat (and sunscreen if the baby is over 6 months – but keep them out of the sun)

(l) If you use a sling bring it- if you don’t bring one and you will love it.

(m) Ipad with movies for you and games for the baby – and books for you – then you can watch and read without the light disturbing the baby. You can also watch movies on it at night (and use earplugs)

(n) If you read books get a clip on light