There is no substitute for room in a hotel – none. And I don’t just mean reserving a nice room to sleep in. You have an infant, a family, or even if you travel with your significant other, you need personal space (even on a honeymoon).

Did you ever become ill in a far away city? Nothing like having a sitting room so you can roam around the room.  After two days in Seattle my bowels decided that they were on strike, nothing wanted to stay in, from any end. Thankfully The Olympic has sitting rooms for every room in the hotel.  It made the miserable experience even better. Gave room for the sick one (the doctor) but enough so the boy could play and occasionally run to the bathroom when he heard his father make those funny, but very loud retching noises.

Space is premium and it is worth it. Can’t afford the suite at the Four Seasons? Consider any Embassy Suite, or Double Tree Inn – you want room.

JJ loves to run and needs his exercise. He needs room. If you get stuck in the old single room with just enough space for your luggage and you don’t need a remote control because the television is close, this  isn’t “cozy,” it is annoying. Especially if you will be staying there for more than a quick night.

Arriving at the Captain Cook Hotel in Anchorage at 3 am with JJ,  we were tired. No junior suites were available, and we were in a room that resembled a coffin with windows. We were tired, but marched to the front desk where a very nice lady said they had something on the Captain’s Deck. It had room!   JJ’s crib fit in there without us falling over him- he could run around- and we had a view!

The difficult part about most “deals” is they only have deals for “standard” rooms- or “king” rooms – which means you need to call the hotel in advance for an upgrade.  The major chains have points you can upgrade with, but often the upgrade is not that expensive (unless you get the room with the grand piano).

It is a vacation. The hotel is your home for however long you are there, and you need space.  Besides, late at night when the door is closed, and the baby is sleeping, the romance isn’t awkward.   While a family vacation doesn’t exactly turn out like an episode of Sex in the City, it’s always  worth the price of a larger, more spacious room.