For your diaper bag on the airplane:

(a) One diaper for every hour you will be in transit – then double it. If you your total time from when you leave your house to when you get to the hotel is 6 hours bring 12 diapers
(b) Changing table pad or disposable changing pads. We have a roll-up plastic covered cloth that can be easily washed off. You can get paper disposable ones, but this takes up less room

A large diaper bag with changing mat - like ours from Kate Spade

(c) Disposable wipes. There are cute travel packages of them- but imagine your child having two of the largest poop-apocalypse on the planet – we carry the large size.
(d) Plastic bags – you know the ones destroying the planet. Good for diapers at a hotel – you can also purchase made-for-diaper plastic bags, but these are easy to get and you can wrap them up easily
(e) Butt paste (diaper rash cream). Even if your baby doesn’t have it- sometimes travel can induce it
(f) Baby powder
(g) Formula – powder is best. Get the bottle of water after you go through security
(h) 3 bottles with extra nipples
(i) Extra pacifier (assume you will drop one on the plane and can’t get it)
(j) Disinfecting hand gel- like purell – alcohol based.
(k) Two baby outfits (something that if they have an accident in you won’t mind leaving on the plane)
(l) Vaccination record (good to keep in the baby bag) also your pediatricians telephone number
(m) Baby Tylenol and some ora-gel
(n) Extra t-shirt for the adults (assume one will be spit up on, or as you change the baby some poo will find it)
(o) Their favorite small toy (get one that if you lose it you won’t be upset)

Diaper bag tip – go through this checklist before you walk out the door. We thought we were super organized until one trip we forgot the baby bottle.
Have a diaper bag for trips – that way you can have this packed a couple days ahead of time. Our bag has a water resistant linking, and has a comfortable shoulder strap

JJ loves Four Seasons Hotels

A happy baby - JJ at the Four Seasons Los Angeles