Before Morimoto came to America to bring us Iron Chef there was Masayuki Niikura – who invented spicy tuna – a bit of tuna, a few simple condiments – providing the perfect mix for those lucky Los Angeles residents in 1977. It was then that Niikura started a restaurant after seven successful years in Tokyo.

But our story is at Nick-San, where with his protoge and then partner Angel Carajal they started restaurants in Mexico and ultimately Cabo San Lucas.

The original fusion of Mexican-Japanese started here- with the fresh ingredients from Mexico and importing the rice, oils, vinegars and soy sauce (even the chop sticks are imported from Japan).

Nick-San stands as a restaurant that continues to define great seafood, ever changing as techniques and food sources change, the only thing that doesn’t change is the demand for fresh seafood and the perfectly balanced taste.

Nick-San is the perfect restaurant to bring someone who says they don’t like seafood, or they don’t like sushi. It will be here that their lives and tastes will be elevated – transformed. It will also mean that they will never settle for second best.

Terry Simpson with the Owners of Nick-Sans

While sushi can be found everywhere from corner stands to grocery stores – there is one mecca in North America, and that is here.

For years Cabo was only known as a great fishing town- but Nick-Sans has made Cabo into a great fish-eating town. People own time-shares here to spend vacations to golf, to fish, to smoke fine Cuban Cigars- and for those who know- to enjoy the ultimate seafood fest.

One the top ten things to do in Cabo, eating at Nick-Sans occupies three places.