Anchorage is a cosmopolitan city- with restaurants that can rival any restaurant in San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, or New York. Corsair Restaurant is one of those.

Located in downtown Anchorage, in the basement of the Rodeway Inn, across the street from the Hotel Captain Cook, Corsair represents American cuisine that is, to quote a friend of mine from New York, “classic and fabulous.”

Located across the street from the Captain Cook Hotel


The wine list is not only surprisingly large, 10,000 bottle cellar with over 800 wines, from French classics as well as some unique California vintages. Recognition from the Wine Spectator for its selection and numbers is impressive for a city of less than half a million. The owner, Dan Jacobsen, always has a few special bottles he stores for his guests that are not on the list. In the last ten years we have enjoyed Romane Conti to Leonetti.

An amazing selection of fine wines

Fresh salmon prepared simply and with a yakitori sauce (A beautiful balanced sweet, sour, and savory sauce that goes well with salmon). Fresh, wild, Alaskan salmon is a different than farm-raised salmon you will find in the lower 48. And Corsair often will have troll-caught salmon nearly year round. Even salmon that is wild and shipped to the lower 48 will not be fresher than what you can obtain in Alaska. Corsair is one of the few restaurants that prepare salmon head for those who know the best part of the fish.

Salmon head is the best part of the salmon

Other sea foods are available that cannot be readily obtained, fresh, in the lower 48, include Razor Clams, Seasonal halibut, and crab legs. Razor clams, pan fried- one of the more under-rated dishes around.

Their rack of lamb is amazing- char broiled with a simple rub, then finished with a Dijon sauce- the rack is the perfection – and when traveling the world the scale to beat is the Corsair scale for Rack of Lamb. In hundreds of restaurants over ten years no one has equaled their rack of lamb

Classic Rack of Lamb

Corsair Restaurant, 944 W. 5th Ave, Anchorage, AK 99501. 907-278-4502. Open for dinner from 5 p.m. – closed on Mondays.

We are sorry to report that this restaurant has closed. We hope that Dan will open a new restaurant, because Anchorage just isn’t the same without that great lamb. 

Corsair is located in downtown Anchorage