We cannot do the view justice – the food, however, needs to be made fresh, and to order

There is a saying in the restaurant world: if the place has a great view, beware of the food. Sadly, Brockton Villa’s great view is not matched by the food. Walking along the coast line in La Jolla in August is heaven, especially if you just came from Phoenix.  Find a restaurant with open air seating overlooking the Pacific seems to be priceless.

A couple at the table  next to ours was ordering the omelet of the day,  “but please make mine without spinach,” he requested.  The waitress responded, “Oh, we can’t, they are all pre-made.” That was the first warning.

The potatoes delivered were cold, as was the bacon.  But the potato was not just cold, it was a bit soggy; these are not made to order, they are pre-made and either heated, or left in a steam tray.

Not only is the restaurant sloppy with their customers by pre-making food – the chef seems to have no palate.

The “world-famous” French toast, called Coast Toast, is a very sweet bread that combined with syrup makes it far too sweet for most palates, except those ruined by todays over sweetened, obese generation. But, I must confess – while I prefer balance, there are those who love sweet as much as those who love very hot peppers.

The Brocton Villa’s Berry Parfait with house-made granola is another exercise in sweetness without balance. Why would you put honey in a parfait?

The naughty burrito was a pleasant combination – but the potato in it was also mushy – did they make this ahead of time too? If your most used kitchen appliance is a microwave you should not be serving the public. The scrambled eggs inside were cooked rapidly on a grill, hence the rubber consistency. The steak was chewy, but it all sort of worked- had it been made to order this would be a spectacular dish.

As you walk by the pastries to be seated, they are wrapped in plastic wrap , you probably wonder, “do they give discounts for day old bread?”

With the view this restaurant has I would have thought it would be difficult to get a seat on Saturday or Sunday morning. Turns out the reason locals don’t come here often is simple- the food is not great.  If it were not for the view this restaurant could not cover up for the mediocre food.

If Chef Ramsay were to be brought in, he would ask the chef, “When did you stop caring?”