Hotel La Granitiere is a bed and breakfast in Normandy, France, specifically 74 Rue Du Marechal Foch, 50550 Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue, France. It is delightful for its location, a short walk from the marina, some great restaurants, and a small town that has everything one would want. The room we stayed in was a suite, two rooms- with a lot of space for us and our 22 month old toddler, who spends more time running than toddling.

Bed and Breakfast places are often small, quaint, and not places for a family to check into. But most places in Normandy are small and quaint, even when the building is large and imposing. What cinched the deal was reading the reviews about how nice the owner was, then discovering they had larger rooms, and owner with a reputation for outstanding service…

In fact, one must be careful when booking in Europe, because what they call a “triple” room may mean something smaller than your average hotel room in the US, but they call it a triple because two people can sleep on a full sized bed, and there is room for a small crib (yes, we found this out in a number of hotels).

Hotel La Granitiere - a lovely spot in Normandy

The breakfast are continental- but the coffee was delicious. After having spent a few days in England, my wife and I didn’t notice that we drank all the coffee and on a field trip to the Omaha beach realized we wished we could have a to-go cup to drink more. Alas, the French learned how to make coffee, the English still prefer there tea, and after drinking English coffee I cannot blame them.

In contrast to where my father stayed- Chateau de Quineville which looks impressive, but has not been remodeled since Kennedy was President, and the rooms are small, and cold.

Our son- always reviewing hotels

If you find yourself taking a trip to Normandy- stay at Hotel La Granitiere – you will be happy you did.