I had to search hard to find a complaint about Four Seasons in New York. They cannot read my mind – but if we expressed a wish or desire, the hotel staff did everything they could to accomodate us.

The service was impeccable. and that starts from the minute they take your suitcase until the second you leave- they are simply there to provide you the best experience they can, and if they can’t do something for you they will.

It all started with a tweet.  We were going to New York to speak at the 140 conference, and was asking for hotel recommendations. Four Seasons asked me what days we were there, gave a room rate, made the reservation, all through twitter. We are “Frequent Flyers” of Four Seasons, so our information is in their system.  But the ability to make a reservation with a tweet is amazing. It also means they care about social media.

Recently Four Seasons New York has been tweeting photographs of Maxine- a loveable toy who has been seen throughout the hotel. When our son, JJ arrived- guess what was in a box for him? In fact the room was ready for JJ- from the toy when he arrived, to the bathroom with the slip mat that was a frog and a little stool in the bathroom so he could wash his hands.

The room – warm, modern, and clean in its design. Plenty of outlets for those of us who carry iPads, iPhones, and computers.

The little touches were much appreciated: be it the cookies on arrival, handing us an umbrella as we walked to a restaurant, the water with our twitter avatars on the label. Somehow there seemed to be more cookies- not sure if April ate a few.

So what would make the Four Seasons of New York perfect – a coffee maker in the room, with fresh beans and a grinder. I didn’t mention this to them, otherwise I have no doubt it would have been there.

We look forward to coming back to the city- and we have no doubt where we will be staying. Not only were they responsive on social media – but the entire staff shows that Four Seasons defines customer service.


JJ opening a gift from Four Seasons New York

Maxine and April
Maxine welcoming April to Four Seasons New York

FS New York View
The view from the 28th Floor is amazing- I think that’s a big park over there

Four Seasons New York- the room
The room was spacious, modern, filled with outlets for all electronics

The water bottles, labeled with our twitter avatars – yes, JJ has his own twitter account. How did they know Voss was my favorite water?

The cookies- and that is a photo of our family from twitter – it is made from sugar

We left Four Seasons in New York, and Maxine became a stow away and found her way to Anchorage